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Quail Farming in Kenya

Producers of high quality Quail Eggs and Quail Meat, and a source of quality fertile eggs and chicks for licensed farmers.

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Products and Services

Quail Chicks

As a result of high quality, high grade and well kept parent stock, our day old chicks are also very healthy from the day they are hatched.

Fertilized Quail Eggs

We have ensured that our breeding stock of quail birds is in the optimum male to female ratio to give a very high egg fertility rate while maintaining the peace within the flock.

Quail Eggs Incubator

We supply all types of poultry incubators. We have a partner manufacturer abroad and this makes our machine highly efficient to more than 90%.

Healthy Quail Meat

Quail meat is one of the healthiest sources of protein out there, we ensure that the birds we raise for meat purposes are well kept, fed and cared for.

Our Mission

Having being founded in 2011, we aim to take lead in the quail farming industry and have our brand synonymous with the word Quail everywhere in Africa. 'Think Quail, think Uwezo Quails Kenya. Quail in kenya, quails in kenya, quail meat in kenya, quail eggs in kenya, day old quail in kenya, quail farming in kenya, fertilized quail eggs in kenya, quail rearing in kenya, quail
Monday To Saturday 8AM To 5PM